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Cadaveria herself. Drawing by Lorelei_ether (Anna)

This design made by a talented fan of me captures my essence: the new me transformed by the experience of cancer and what remains of my past. Strange how she drew the right side as the dark one: did she know it’s the side where I got cancer? Nothing happens by chance.

I suffered, I brought my body to the limit. I believed this path would have lasted few months while it lasted more than a year: 18 months on a roller coaster.

It has passed but it is not forgotten and should not be forgotten, also to avoid nullifying the efforts I made in ignoring the gazes on my bald head, which I showed to try to break down a taboo. It is not forgotten because it transforms you and I am now the result of that change. A non-definitive result.

There are so many me inside me, they come in succession, quickly; so many versions, imperfect shades. They come and go and some of them never come back. I let them go, sometimes with nostalgia, because I am a bit sorry to lose them, but at the same time I watch them pass by, break away, and I’m happy. Wraps of me, layers, matryoshkas, epithelial exfoliation of a human being, necessary for my renewal, for a growth that is taking place, that I live and of which I am a spectator. Aspects – so many! – even of me as a little girl, who come back, recur for a moment, like on a carousel that turns. A succession of concrete and disarming emotions.
There is silence, the sound of breathing, the vibration of meditation.

One day I think the music will come back too. I don’t look for it, I let it find me. There are other paths in progress at the moment and the energies are still small, there is no need to worry.
It will come, when the time comes.

Thank you,


[Cadaveria herself. Drawing by Lorelei_Ether (Anna)]


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Cadaveria herself:

“Life is strange: 2018 was supposed to be my sabbatical year, instead I must overcome a new challenge. This Summer I discovered an intruder inside me and I started a neoadjuvant chemotherapy to reduce it. The route is long and difficult and I’ll have to deal with surgeries in a near future. My body is reacting good and I’m trying to stay positive in order to enjoy every day as much as possible, focusing my thoughts in the present. I believe a good aptitude is important to best recover, as part of the necessary therapeutic path I have undertaken.

I decided to reveal my situation and to show myself to you in sincerity. It makes me feel free. After all I have always had a direct, sincere and honest connection with my fans.
I am noticing that, at least in Italy, cancer is still a taboo. I don’t think it is something to hide, on the contrary I believe that sharing a disease can facilitate the healing process.

Since I disclosed this via Facebook and Instagram, I have been flooded with messages and love and I will never stop thanking you for how you are supporting me. I feel really close to you.

I cannot work at the moment, for the cancer and ’cause chemo cycles have brought a cardiac complication. I have to rest, but I want my music continue to be spread. So please go on Spotify or the digital store you prefer and play CADAVERIA. This will make me happy.

My eternal gratitude goes to my sister Eleonora, my caregiver, who is facing this ugly story with me step by step from the beginning. She has just started this campaign with some close friends to help me in this path…

A direct donation can also be done via PayPal to

From my side I ask you to continue to send me positive vibes. I need them.

Thanks a lot!

Long live life.”


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THE DARK BUNDLE is your unique opportunity to get the entire discography and videography by CADAVERIA at a VERY SPECIAL PRICE.

This exclusive set includes: 6 CDs (“The Shadows’ Madame” 2013 jewel case edition, “Far Away From Conformity” 2017 digipack edition, “In Your Blood” jewel case, “Horror Metal” undead edition jewel case, “Silence” digipack, “Mondoscuro” EP jewel case) and Karma double DVD (*).


Are you a vinyl collector? Contact cadaveria [at] cadaveria [dot] com to enrich this offer with CADAVERIA limited edition vinyls and get an additional discount!


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Grab your hand-numbered copy of “Far Away From Conformity” clear vinyl before it’s sold out! There are only 300 copies available worldwide! The album has been completely remixed in 2017, two songs have brand new vocals and it’s mastered for vinyl!

Click HERE to go to the shop and get this limited edition item and receive immediate download of “Call Me” (Blondie cover) hq mp3!

Want the digipack CD too? Save money with Vinyl+CD bundle. Items are shipped with 1 logo patch and 1 logo sticker included! Get this exclusive set HERE.



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The “Memento” collection is the brand new and exclusive CADAVERIA set, available in small quantities at a very special price, starting from today for a limited period of time. It includes CADAVERIA complete discography on CD (6 albums and one EP), one of a kind high quality print on canvas, pin, mini-poster and more!

Check out the Shop page for all the details.


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Cadaveria recently talked with:

Giornale Metal (Italy)

Rockerio (Chile)

Metallized (Italy)

The Corpsepaint Show (USA) video interview

“Far Away From Conformity” 2017 edition was reviewed by:

Musika (BE) 88/100 | Nataliezworld (USA) |  Metaleyes (IT) 8.5/10 |  Giornale Metal (IT) 9/10


This section is regularly updated. Check back soon.



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Today CADAVERIA is proud to release “The Divine Rapture” official lyric video. The track is taken from the brand new edition of “Far Away From Conformity” album, featuring new vocals on this song and on “Blood and Confusion” track, as well as a totally remixed and remastered audio and a new artwork. CADAVERIA second album was re-released on digipack CD on December 8th 2017 and it will be available in an exclusive colored and hand-numbered vinyl edition on January 12th 2018.

You can watch the lyric video below and pre-order the vinyl here.

The CD version is already available at this link.

The video was created by Morbid Vision Italy.


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The Remixed and Remastered edition of “Far Away from Conformity” is out today with a brand new artwork!

Get your physical copy: CD Digipack 12 pages booklet

Download the digital album: iTunes | GooglePlay

Stream it: Spotify

The vocals on “Blood and Confusion” and “The Divine Rapture” have been totally re-recorded. We are sure you’ll enjoy them a lot.


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CADAVERIA revealed the cover artwork and the release date of 2017 edition of “Far Away From Conformity”, the second album of Italian horror metallers, originally released in 2004. The album will be out on December 8, in all digital stores and on CD, with a new graphic design. It comes out in deluxe digipack version with a twelve-page booklet via Sleaszy Rider Records. The colored vinyl version will be released via Shadows Records in a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies worldwide. The vinyl LP will be out on January 12, 2018, exactly fourteen years after the first release. This is not just a reprint: the nine songs of “Far Away From Conformity”, including Blondie’s cover “Call Me”, have been completely remixed and remastered for the occasion. In addition, a bug in the backup of the original recordings made in 2003, had caused the loss of some vocal tracks and it requested Cadaveria’s recent effort to re-record her voice for the songs “Blood and Confusion” and “The Divine Rapture”. A different and renewed edition, therefore, for the album that, since its title, proclaimed the personal style of CADAVERIA music.

Digipack pre-orders HERE.


  1. Blood and Confusion
  2. Eleven Three O Three
  3. Irreverent Elegy
  4. The Divine Rapture
  5. Omen of Delirium
  6. Call Me (Blondie cover)
  7. Out Body Experience
  8. Prayer of Sorrow
  9. Vox of Anti-Time.


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Last sins for this year:
Nov 3 – Fire Walk With Me @ Centrale / Erba (CO)
Dec 28 – Calabrian Metal Inferno @ Zoom / Marcellinara (CZ)

+ the previously confirmed Dec 16 – Live to Rock Metalfest @ Crash / Pozzuoli (NA).

All three are headliner shows.

See you there!


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We are excited to headline the 6th edition of Live to Rock Metalfest on December 16th, 2017. It will be CADAVERIA’s first time in Naples and we are expecting a blast. See you soon in South Italy!

Some other Autumn/Winter’s live shows will be announced soon, so please stay tuned and check back the Tour Page for updates.


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We now hold a Verified Artist Profile on Spotify. Be sure to follow Cadaveria and to play our songs daily.

Don’t forget to create your playlist with Cadaveria tracks and share it with your friends on the social networks.

Spread the word, spread the darkness, spread Cadaveria’s horror metal!

Play it loud!


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2017 Metal edition of Summer Music Festival welcomes CADAVERIA as headliner of the closing night. Catch the band on August 6 in Codroipo (Udine), Italy!



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Basilicata Metal FestSummer is coming and it brings new shows.

CADAVERIA is glad to announce they will play Basilicata Metal Fest in Matera, Italy, on July 29, 2017, together with Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin and Uli Jon Roth.

Don’t miss this event in one of the most beautiful places of Italy.



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Cadaveria - Mater TenebrarumToday CADAVERIA release the third and last single of “Mondoscuro” trilogy, entitled “Mater Tenebrarum”. The cover artwork shows Cadaveria herself acting as a sinister ‘Madonna (of the Darkness) with Child’.

“Mater Tenebrarum” is available now on all digital stores: iTunesGooglePlay | Amazon

Besides being a Necrodeath cover, the track contains a clear reference to horror cinema, that has always been a source of inspiration for CADAVERIA. In fact the final part of the song traces Dario ArgentoInferno movie’s main theme, originally composed by Keith Emerson. Among the guest artists the organist Ignis Forasdomine and Lindsay Schoolcraft from Cradle of Filth.

Mondoscuro EP” is available on CD and limited edition vinyl HERE.

Mater Tenebrarum” YouTube streaming is available below:


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PadovaMetalFestWe are glad to announce we will headline the 2017 edition of Padova Metalfest. The openair takes place in Torreglia (Padova, Italy), in the area close to the Green Lake (Lago Verde).

Join this three days festival with CADAVERIA, Node, Tygers of Pan Tang and many other bands!

Check out more CADAVERIA live dates here and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on future shows and band news.


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Dominion of PainDominion of Painsingle is out now on iTunes and in free streaming on Deezer. Featuring Flegias (vocals) and Pier Gonella from Necrodeath, “Dominion of Pain is taken from “Mondoscuro” EP, available in CD and in black or white vinyl via Sleaszy Rider Records and Black Tears.

This is the second of three singles extracted from Mondoscuro: one every month. The first one, Type O Negative cover “Christian Woman”, was released on Feb. 20, 2017. Expect “Mater Tenebrarum” in April!

The YouTube streaming for “Dominion of Pain” is available below:


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CADAVERIA announce Italian live shows for 2017:

  • March 31 –  Revolver Club – San Donà di Piave
  • May 6 – Daevacian – Bruino
  • May 20 – Metal Queens Burning Night Fest – Bollengo.

Few opportunities to see CADAVERIA live this year with a brand new set list!

For more info please visit the “Tour” page.



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ChristianWomanGreat news from the crypt! “Mondoscuro” is finally out today in black vinyl and in white vinyl limited edition (respectively 500 and 100 copies worldwide), thanks to the cooperation with Sleaszy Rider Records.

Starting today CADAVERIA will also release three digital singles for the songs “Dominion of Pain”, “Christian Woman” and “Mater Tenebrarum”, coming from the EP “Mondoscuro”. One single every month! The first extracted for today is Type O Negative cover “Christian Woman”, now available on iTunes and in free streaming on Spotify.

A small quantitative of vinyls is on sale at the band’s official store. Be quick or be dead! Please contact the label directly if you see a “sold out” notice near the item.

The YouTube streaming for “Christian Woman” is available below:


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Spell” music video, a classic from CADAVERIA, originally released in 2002, has now been resynced with remastered audio track. The track comes from “The Shadows’ Madame (2013 Remastered Version)” issued via Black Tears with brand new artwork.

Vintage material breathes new energy. Enjoy!

Buy “The Shadows’ Madame (2013 Remastered Version)” on CD here.

Buy “The Shadows’ Madame” on iTunes here.

Watch “Spell” official video with remastered audio below: