“Emptiness” reviews:

Cadaveria - Emptiness

Metal Division Magazine 9/10

Metallian (FR) 6/6

Italia di Metallo highly recommended

Legacy (DE) 11/15 85/100

Heavy Metal Heaven (video) 92/100

Rock Hard (IT) 7/10

French Metal 16/20

Acta Infernalis 80/100

Darkzen 93/100

Giornale Metal 8/10

MetalWave 80/100

Loud and Proud Italy 83/100 8/10

Hell is Open 7.5/10

Metalitalia 7.5/10

Dark Souls United 10/10

Ave Noctum 8.5/10

Wonderbox Metal very highly recommended

Metalfriends 8/10

Metallerium 8/10

The Dark Melody 8.2/10

The Headbanging Moose 3.5/5

Recent interviews:

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Materiale Resistente (in Italian with English subtitles) – video

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Metallerium (in Spanish) | (in English)

El Expreso del Rock (in English) – video

Metalitalia (in Italian)

Femme Metal Webzine (in English)

Brutal Zine (in English) | (in Spanish)

Loud and Proud Italy (in Italian)

RCAR Spotify Podcast (in English) – audio

Metal Gods Meltdown (in English) – video

Lucifer Rising (in Portuguese)

The Old Blood (in Italian) – video

Cultura em Peso (in Portuguese)

Darkzen (in English and Spanish)

UnRated Magazine (in English)

Truenos Metalicos (in Spanish) – audio

Hummingbird Press (in English)

Confined Rock (in Spanish)

Demon Reports (in English) (in English)

Summa Inferno (in English) – video (in Romanian)

Femcsajok (in Hungarian)

Il Raglio del Mulo 1 | 2 (in Italian)

Ever Metal (in English)

A Ilha do Metal (in Portuguese)

RockRebel Mag (in Italian) – video

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