Cadaveria: vocals

FB: Official Cadaveria Herself

Other bands/activities: dreamer

Best album ever (except CADAVERIA’s): Tool – Ænima

Best CADAVERIA song: Matryoshcada

Inspiring artist: David Lynch, Andy Warhol

Best journey: Brazil

Philosophical orientation: Be yourself, never give up and be grateful.

If I was food: Mango

If I was God: I would take the earth back 300 years to save it from the ravages of globalization.

    Peter Dayton: bass

Other bands/activities: Necrodeath, traveler

Best album ever (except CADAVERIA’s): Death – Symbolic

Best CADAVERIA song: Spell

Inspiring artist: H.R. Giger

Best journey: Amazon jungle

Philosophical orientation: Live and let live

If I was food: Cannoli siciliani

If I was God: God doesn’t exist!

    Marçelo Santos: drums

Other bands/activities: Necrodeath, video maker

Best album ever (except CADAVERIA’s): Venom – Black Metal

Best CADAVERIA song: Memento Audere Semper

Inspiring artist: David Lynch

Best journey: Scotland

Philosophical orientation: Do what you like

If I was food: Mexican beans

If I was God: I would flare the world.

 Live guitarist: Enrico Toselli (2017)

 Dick Laurent: guitars (2009-2017)

 Frank Booth: guitars (2001-2016)

 Killer Bob: bass (2001-2015)

 Baron Harkonnen: keyboards (2001-2003)

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