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CADANECROMONDOSCURO will be the title of the EP involving CADAVERIA and Necrodeath, currently in the studio together to complete the mix of what promises to be the most diabolically unusual release of 2016.

The title refers to the cinematographic genre “Mondo film” of explicit documentaries, born in the 60s and depicting sensational, bloody and shocking scenes. MONDOSCURO also clearly recalls Mondocane project, the legendary collaboration of Necrodeath and Schizo from which the album “Mondocane: Project One” was born in 1989.

MONDOSCURO will not be a normal split, but a joint partnership that will see the two bands interacting strongly, through a track-list that alternates new songs to covers and that will include many identity exchanges.

The EP will be released in a few months via Black Tears of Death. Stay tuned for more details!


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CADAVERIAnews2016A year and a half after the release of their latest album “Silence”, Horror Metallers CADAVERIA have entered the recording studios to work on the production of an EP. This work will represent something totally new in the history of the band, that this year celebrate 15 years of activity. In fact legendary thrashers Necrodeath, that share two band members with CADAVERIA (Flegias aka Marçelo Santos, singer in Necrodeath and drummer in CADAVERIA, and GL aka Peter Dayton, bassist in both bands), will take part in this EP.

Cadaveria herself has defined this collaboration “a blood pact between two diabolic entities that will give life to a new irreligious and obscure soul“.

The two bands have signed an agreement with the label Black Tears for the release of their EP in the European territory.

For more information and updates please follow CADAVERIA.COM and the band Facebook page.


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Dear all, here are some news from the crypt.
First of all, we have to say farewell to our guitarist Frank Booth, who has decided to leave the band in order to have more time to dedicate to his family and to other personal stuff.

Frank Booth: “I spent fifteen years with CADAVERIA, releasing five albums, playing innumerable gigs and, above all, having a good time with these friends. In the last years it was very hard for me to combine family life and a full time job with the band’s commitments. I missed many live shows and I hadn’t enough time to dedicate myself to the songwriting, but the band continued to rock hard in studio and on stage, even playing gigs with one guitar only. Sadly it is time to say goodbye, in order to allow the band to proceed straight and to achieve its goals. I want to thank everybody who allowed me to live this great experience that will remain forever an important chapter of my life”.

We perfectly understand Frank’s choice and we wish him all the best for his future.


From this point on CADAVERIA return to be a quartet, as it was for the first eight years of our history. Every so often, when circumstances allow, we will be glad to welcome a session guitarist to perform live with us.

Now we must focus on the production of new material. We have already entered the recording studio to work on this. So, let’s jump to the second news:
2016 marks 15 years since CADAVERIA band was formed and we are preparing a surprise to celebrate this anniversary. We are talking about something very special you never heard from us. Stay tuned! We will reveal more soon!

Memento Audere Semper


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We are glad to announce we will headline the 4th edition of eResia Metalfest. The openair takes place in the Resia valley (Udine, Italy), very close to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia borders.

Join the heretical blast!

Check out more CADAVERIA live dates here and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on future shows and band news.


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“Carnival of Doom” music video out now! You can watch it below or visiting CADAVERIA YouTube Channel.


The band declare: “This video is the result of a creative burst. It was not in program to be done, but ten days ago we had an epiphany and we felt the need to develop this concept. We just imagined it and we created it in one crazy week!”.

Carnival of Doom” is taken from CADAVERIA’s latest album “Silence“, released on November 18th, 2014 via Scarlet Records.

You can order your copy of “Silence” here. More details on “Silence” at this link.


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HipstApocalypse-CadaveriaWe are glad to announce Cadaveria will be one of the main characters of HipstApocalypse game!
An epic adventure filled with tons of heavy metal references, set in the magical city of Turin, populated by hideous zombies. A must-play for all the metalheads, PC & Mac gamers, PS4 & Xbox addicted!

Discover more about HipstApocalypse Metal Chronicles vol. 1 on:

Here is HipstApocalypse Official Statement:
Lucca Comics launch (Oct 28/Nov 1, 2016 – Lucca, Italy), Gallab LTD Stand

2025, June 30th, Turin.
Man, this hangover is killing me. Feels like Pantera and Slayer are merrily smashing my neurons. I’ve fallen straight in an apocalyptic Continue Reading


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VoicesOfTheSuccubiFestivalCADAVERIA are honored to headline Voices Of The Succubi Festival on September 17th, 2016. This will be our first time ever in Malta and we are truly excited!



If you live in France, May 21st, 2016 is another date to add to your calendar as we will play at Rock Metal Camp Fest!


We hope to see you there.

More info:


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This is the current calendar:

  • 29 Jan – Milan – Italy @ Legend Club
  • 30 Jan – Chambéry – France @ Le Brin de Zinc
  • 26 Feb – Calenzano (FI) – Italy @ Cycle
  • 27 Feb – Cremona – Italy @ Midian Live
  • 16 Apr – Borgo Priolo (PV) – Italy @ Dagda Live
  • 21 May – St Hilaire Les Places – France @ Rock Metal Camp
  • 02 Jul – TBA
  • 17 Sep – TBA.

A Brazilian tour is in preparation for August 2016. For any inquires please refer to

As soon as it will be confirmed we will post dates and places on this site. Check it back for future updates.


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Cadaveria (herself) just created her Official Page on Facebook: Cadaveria Herself.

Show your love to the shadows’ Madame and feel free to share this news.

Extended link:


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Thank you for this wonderful 2015 full of energy, magic and satisfaction!


These are the shows already confirmed for 2016. Check back the Tour Page for future updates!

  • 29 Jan – Milan – Italy @ Legend Club
  • 30 Jan – Chambéry – France @ Le Brin de Zinc
  • 27 Feb – Cremona – Italy @ Midian Live
  • 16 Apr – Borgo Priolo (PV) – Italy @ Dagda Live.



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The best moments of the ceremonies we celebrated this Autumn are captured in these pictures. Enjoy!

[preview below | full gallery HERE]



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We are pleased to announce CADAVERIA latest album “Silence” is out today in Russia via Fono Ltd.!


Tracklist and more info here.

Follow CADAVERIA on ВКонтакте.




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EnterTheCryptEnter the crypt! Join CADAVERIA newsletter to get updates about new releases, tour dates, new merchandise items and special offers. It’s fast and easy: go to the MAILINGLIST page and enter your email address.

You will be able to unsubscribe at any time by sending an e-mail to the band with subject “unsubscribe”.


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Check out which date is closer to you!

29.10.2015 Germany, Erfurt – Club From Hell
30.10.2015 Germany, Hameln – Autumn Moon Festival
04.11.2015 Italy, Roncade (TV) – New Age w/Cradle of Filth + Ne Obliviscaris
06.11.2015 Italy, Rome Ciampino – Orion w/Cradle of Filth + Ne Obliviscaris
07.11.2015 Italy, Milan – Fabrique w/Cradle of Filth + Ne Obliviscaris
04.12.2015 Switzerland, St-Maurice – Le Manoir Pub
05.12.2015 Italy, Erba (CO) – Centrale Rock Pub

See you on tour!


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new-live-showsSome new shows in Germany and Switzerland have just been added to CADAVERIA Autumn live gigs calendar.

Few more will come before this year ends.

Please check back the TOUR page for updates!