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2017  Location Venue
28.12.2017 Italy, Marcellinara (CZ) Calabrian Metal Inferno @ Zoom
16.12.2017 Italy, Pozzuoli (NA) Live to Rock Metalfest @ Crash
03.11.2017 Italy, Erba (CO) Centrale Rock
06.08.2017 Italy, Codroipo (UD) Summer Metal Fest 2017
05.08.2017 Italy, Torreglia (PD) Padova Metal Fest
29.07.2017 Italy, Matera Basilicata Metal Fest
20.05.2017 Italy, Burolo Metal Queen’s Burning Night Fest
06.05.2017 Italy, Bruino (TO) Daevacian
31.03.2017 Italy, San Donà di Piave (VE) Revolver
2016 Location Venue
17.09.2016 Malta, Mosta Voices Of The Succubi Festival
10.09.2016 Italy, Trezzo sull’Adda (MI) Festival
02.07.2016 Italy, Resia (UD) eResia Metalfest
21.05.2016 France, St-Hilaire-les-Places Rock Metal Camp
16.04.2016 Italy, Borgo Priolo (PV) Dagda Live
27.02.2016 Italy, Cremona Midian Live
26.02.2016 Italy, Calenzano (FI) Cycle
30.01.2016 France, Chambéry Brin de Zinc
29.01.2016 Italy, Milan Legend Club
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