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Our new single Matryoshcada is out now in all digital platforms.

Stream and download it here.

The concept: when the illness transfigured my body and I could no longer recognize myself in the mirror, my soul spoke to me. Fragments of me resurfaced from the past and then went away forever. So I looked deep into my eyes and there I found the light of life.

Credits: Lyrics by Cadaveria herself. Music by Cadaveria herself, Frank Booth, Marçelo Santos. Performed by: Cadaveria (vocals) Kris Laurent (guitar) Pier Gonella (guitar) Peter Dayton (bass) Marçelo Santos (drums). Recorded and mixed at MusicArt Studio and Rrooaarr Sound in September 2020. Mastered at MusicArt Studio. Produced by CADAVERIA.

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Ladies and gentlemen we are delighted to present our new single Matryoshcada, which will be released in all digital platforms on Friday 13 November 2020.

“Fragments of the past are recomposed for a moment … then they dissolve, giving light to a new creature, to a new powerful energy.”

Pre-save Matryoshcada on Spotify by clicking here and be one of the first to listen to it once it is released.

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The Official Music Video for ‘Return’ is out now.

Produced by Morbid Vision.

Special thanks to the actress Livia Valenti.

‘Return’ single was released in all digital platforms on October the 2nd, 2020. Listen or download it here.

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Return‘ captured our souls on the cold Halloween night in 2015, when we shared the stage with Deine Lakaien, playing at the Autumn Moon Festival in Germany.

Its dark and decadent melody has been resounding in us for five years and is now ready to reveal itself in a new guise.

Return‘ is not the prelude to a ready-to-release album, but the first seed of an ongoing production.

All CADAVERIA’s new songs will be released, on a quite regular basis, in the form of singles, as they are recorded and mixed.

We are glad we chose this new formula. It gives us great freedom and allows our fans to experience the entire creative process with us.

The new era has begun. Cadaveria is back.

Return’ is out now in all digital platforms. Listen to ‘Return’ here.

Credits: Main idea by Marçelo Santos. Original song by Deine Lakaien, rearranged by Kris Laurent. Performed by: Cadaveria (vocals) Kris Laurent (guitar) Pier Gonella (guitar) Peter Dayton (bass) Marçelo Santos (drums). Recorded and mixed at MusicArt Studio and Rrooaarr Sound between July and September 2020. Mastered at MusicArt Studio. Produced by CADAVERIA.

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30 days left to go!


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From CADAVERIA a gift for all fans, the quarantine video for 100,000 Faces (track taken from the 2007 album In Your Blood).

With this video, made during the lockdown, the band breaks a silence that lasted over two years, due to the singer’s illness.

Cadaveria herself commented: “I haven’t sung a Cadaveria song since December 28, 2017, the date of our last gig. I had decided to take a break in 2018 to make new experiences and to compose. Breast cancer came, not exactly the experience I wanted. Uh, what a hit!!! A great suffering … and a great teaching. Many people is asking me if I am healed. “Who knows?” I answer. The doctors cant speak. Till now everything is fine and I go on. One of the things cancer taught me is that if you like dancing you don’t have to wait for the storm to pass, but you have to learn to dance in the rain. We started to compose again, with enthusiasm but calmly. Meanwhile, we took off some cobwebs and recorded this quarantine video. See you soon!”


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Today we share some archive images with you. It was 2012 and we were filming Flowers in Fire music video. This is the official behind the scenes footage.
You can find this Making Of in the Karma DVD, released in 2013. Some copies are still available on this website in the shop section.


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Cadaveria herself. Drawing by Lorelei_ether (Anna)

This design made by a talented fan of me captures my essence: the new me transformed by the experience of cancer and what remains of my past. Strange how she drew the right side as the dark one: did she know it’s the side where I got cancer? Nothing happens by chance.

I suffered, I brought my body to the limit. I believed this path would have lasted few months while it lasted more than a year: 18 months on a roller coaster.

It has passed but it is not forgotten and should not be forgotten, also to avoid nullifying the efforts I made in ignoring the gazes on my bald head, which I showed to try to break down a taboo. It is not forgotten because it transforms you and I am now the result of that change. A non-definitive result.

There are so many me inside me, they come in succession, quickly; so many versions, imperfect shades. They come and go and some of them never come back. I let them go, sometimes with nostalgia, because I am a bit sorry to lose them, but at the same time I watch them pass by, break away, and I’m happy. Wraps of me, layers, matryoshkas, epithelial exfoliation of a human being, necessary for my renewal, for a growth that is taking place, that I live and of which I am a spectator. Aspects – so many! – even of me as a little girl, who come back, recur for a moment, like on a carousel that turns. A succession of concrete and disarming emotions.
There is silence, the sound of breathing, the vibration of meditation.

One day I think the music will come back too. I don’t look for it, I let it find me. There are other paths in progress at the moment and the energies are still small, there is no need to worry.
It will come, when the time comes.

Thank you,


[Cadaveria herself. Drawing by Lorelei_Ether (Anna)]


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Cadaveria herself:

“Life is strange: 2018 was supposed to be my sabbatical year, instead I must overcome a new challenge. This Summer I discovered an intruder inside me and I started a neoadjuvant chemotherapy to reduce it. The route is long and difficult and I’ll have to deal with surgeries in a near future. My body is reacting good and I’m trying to stay positive in order to enjoy every day as much as possible, focusing my thoughts in the present. I believe a good aptitude is important to best recover, as part of the necessary therapeutic path I have undertaken.

I decided to reveal my situation and to show myself to you in sincerity. It makes me feel free. After all I have always had a direct, sincere and honest connection with my fans.
I am noticing that, at least in Italy, cancer is still a taboo. I don’t think it is something to hide, on the contrary I believe that sharing a disease can facilitate the healing process.

Since I disclosed this via Facebook and Instagram, I have been flooded with messages and love and I will never stop thanking you for how you are supporting me. I feel really close to you.

I cannot work at the moment, for the cancer and ’cause chemo cycles have brought a cardiac complication. I have to rest, but I want my music continue to be spread. So please go on Spotify or the digital store you prefer and play CADAVERIA. This will make me happy.

My eternal gratitude goes to my sister Eleonora, my caregiver, who is facing this ugly story with me step by step from the beginning. She has just started this campaign with some close friends to help me in this path… https://www.gofundme.com/cadaveria-cancer-trouble

A direct donation can also be done via PayPal to cadaveria@cadaveria.com

From my side I ask you to continue to send me positive vibes. I need them.

Thanks a lot!

Long live life.”


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The Dark Bundle” is your unique opportunity to get the entire discography and videography by CADAVERIA at a VERY SPECIAL PRICE.

This exclusive set includes: 6 CDs (“The Shadows’ Madame” 2013 jewel case edition, “Far Away From Conformity” 2017 digipack edition, “In Your Blood” jewel case, “Horror Metal” undead edition jewel case, “Silence” digipack, “Mondoscuro” EP jewel case) and Karma double DVD (*).


Are you a vinyl collector? Contact cadaveria [at] cadaveria [dot] com to enrich this offer with CADAVERIA limited edition vinyls and get an additional discount!